Lumbar Support Brace with Detachable Pad

Struggling with lower back pain and discomfort? This is a common phenomenon attributed mostly to our changing lifestyles. Wrong posture or inadequate exercises is most often the cause of the pain in the lower spinal column.


Back support devices are a great solution to relieve back pain in the lumbar area, improve posture and even reduce pain from issues like sciatica and sports injuries.

The lumbar back support device can help you naturally recover from pain, without the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

The back brace supports the lower back part and aligns the spine, so you can comfortably stand and sit with less stress and pain.


Only1MILLION lower back support brace is the one you have been looking for. The reason why this back brace is recommended by therapists and physicians is because of its finest materials, sturdy and well-made design; thoughtfully created to support your lower spine but at the same time to be comfortable while wearing it. Among other benefits, O1M stands out for:


  • Flexibility – allowing a full range of motion
  • Stability – featuring 6 internal inserts along the back for an extra support
  • Soft material – for optimal comfort and all-day support
  • Pain Relief – caused by poor posture
  • Straighten your muscles – offers support for your back and improves mobility
  • Versatility – can be worn at home, at the office, at the gym, wherever you need it


Don’t let back pain dictate your life!


Only1MILLION is a family business determined to change people’s lives. Our mission is to improve the lives of one million people to live healthier and longer by creating orthopedic devices.

One year ago, Mike, the founder of Only1MILLION, was diagnosed with sever spinal misalignment. Going through a complicated recovery, he decided to help other people facing similar medical issues. Together with specialists he designed one million back braces for lumbar support. These braces aim to provide natural relief and fix spinal problems without medication or need of invasive intervention.


Because caring is giving, with every purchase, we offer you a detachable pad that can be applied in your lumbar area for extra pressure on the back muscles, a lifetime surprise and free videos that will help you learn the best exercise for preventing or reducing lower back pain.


What are you waiting for? Press the button and start living a healthier, pain free life!


Disclaimer: Please consult a physician if you have a special back condition before usage or if you are allergic to neoprene!