Improve Your Posture with Back Braces

Did you know that your posture throughout the day can affect your long term health?

Did you know that 80% of individuals suffer from some kind of spinal problem in their lifetime?


One of the main reasons is poor, slouching posture. And no surprise that we are facing this increasing chronic pain, as the majority of modern day workers spend most of their time sitting long hours in front of their desk, hunching over their laptops or cellphones.


Our bodies are not designed to handle such stress. Yes it is stressful for our bodies. Many physicians have explained that having a poor posture can put more stress on certain muscles and joints, forcing them to overwork and causing them to fatigue.

Why is a good posture good for your health?

  • Reduces headaches, often times tension headaches are caused by poor posture
  • Improves blood circulation, slouching affects your blood flow
  • Increases energy levels, slouching over prevents your body from receiving sufficient oxygen
  • Prevents depression, research show a link between bad posture and your mental health
  • Improves physical appearance, standing up straight and tall gives you confidence and even make you look taller


Besides physical exercises and mobile activities, a posture corrector can correct spinal alignment by pulling your shoulders back in order for you to have a good posture.


A posture corrector is designed to reeducate and retrain your back muscles to help you develop and maintain a healthier position.

Only1MILLION posture corrector is a great trainer for your back and a great reminder for you to keep your back straight. Made out of the most high-quality materials, O1M upper back brace is not only made to help you improving your posture and relieving back pain but also to be fully adjustable and comfortable to wear.


Because Only1MILLION wants to help people live healthier and longer, with every purchase, we offer you a pair of detachable pads that can be applied under your armpits for an extra comfort, a lifetime surprise and free videos that will help you learn the best exercise for preventing and relieving upper back pain.


Start caring about your posture and health and Get Yourself O1M Posture Corrector!


Disclaimer: Please consult a physician if you have a special back condition before usage or if you are allergic to latex or neoprene!

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