Waist Shaper for Men and Women and Phone Pouch – Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt for Accelerated Weight Loss and Toxin Clearance – Portable Sauna Band for Abs Training

Lose Weight, Not Time!

If you fancy getting fitter or need to flush out excess water and toxins, you’ll love this waist trimmer band! Combining the benefits of sauna and sweating, the Tummy Shaper increases blood flow to the abdominal area and accelerates weight loss. With its adjustable closure and ergonomic design, this fat burner belt acts like a portable sauna, helping you:

  • Double the results of your workouts
  • Burn calories faster and with less effort
  • Improve posture and stand up straight
  • Reduce lumbar pain and muscle soreness
  • Get rid of excess water and toxins
  • Protect your spine and prevent injuries

Versatile Sweat Belts


Flawless design meets the finest materials in this slimming belt suitable for both men and women. Slim enough to be unnoticeable under your clothing, the tummy shaper does more than making you sweat. Only1MILLION™ Tummy Belt provides lumbar support and can be worn at gym, at work or while running or walking, being excellent as

  • Lumbar support
  • Athletic waist trainer
  • Belly fat burner belt
  • Fitness waist trimmer
  • Sweat wraps
  • Ab belt for men
  • Slimming belt for women
  • Postpartum slimmer
  • Body shaper belt
  • Workout belly band
  • Compression belt
  • Abs belt trainer

Only 1 Million!


Made from the finest breathable neoprene, these limited-edition waist cinchers come in two colors (red & black) and sizes (39.3 x 7.8 inches & 49.2 x 9 inches) and:

  • Are easy to put on and take off
  • Can be adjusted for perfect comfort
  • Keep lower back muscles warm
  • Wrap around you and stay put
  • Cover your middle area comfortably
  • Are latex free and odor resistant

Buy Your Personal Sweating Belt Now and Start Toning Your Body!

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